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The rains came! I really wanted to tell you about so much more, like what has happened here and about HER. Mum said I am only allowed to pass on that we have had awesome rain. Mums words, not mine. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, the stuff coming out of sky is used in my bath. I hide whenever that is mentioned. SHE, Logan, is going for a drive in the car tomorrow. I am very jealous. Mum just yelled at me to tell everyone we had nearly 100mm, I guess that’s good. Bye for now. I will try and sneak on later.
Before and After Rain

Down the back of this B&B is a very well kept secret. A two minute walk from the house and rooms will bring you to a pontoon and boat ramp that has to be used to believed. When I visit I normally bring a rod and these two.

They make good helpers when they stop reading. I think they both should be looking for fish.

Even if you have no boat the pontoon itself makes for a great place to sit and read or do what should be done and fish. Murray will happily help out with anything you need to fish but be warned he hates it if you pull in something bigger than he does.

So one more photo with more of the river. It also contains smiles and sunshine.

So much has happened….Mum and Dad didn’t think so. Therefore they didn’t write anything. It has taken me forever to convince them to let me have my say. Someone should tell them you all prefer to hear from me, Albert. Then at least you would get more regular updates.

We have all been so busy with many wonderful people coming to stay. Well I have, SHE hasn’t. SHE doesn’t even try to look cute and play with anyone. SHE just wears a track where she runs and runs and runs and runs. Silly really. I ran too! Geez was Mum grumpy. I just went up the road. Then down the road. Don’t know why, but I was tied up after that. I didn’t mind, I was exhausted.

The Old Beech Shack and Camp kitchen were a huge hit. We have had many a fire and lots of yummy food. Many a story was told and records from way back before I was born had everyone dancing. Nearly everyone. Mum doesn’t do dancing she says. The out station will be much better when we get fireplaces in. I don’t get it either, there is the huge fire in the middle. Apparently you can never have too many fires. Something to do with kicking back, listening to music or spinning a yarn and being lovely and toasty warm.

Dad is really happy now to be, as he puts it, rusting away at home! We had a truck here in the paddock and Dad would go away for what seemed like a long time. But he is here all the time now. They are nearly finished a new room and garden. I love it, but no matter how much stuff they lift up I can’t find a lizard or snake to chase. I suppose I will have to play with HER if they don’t chase out anything. The next job is a bridge. I haven’t figured that one out. Guess I will just have to keep watching to see what and where that is to be.

albert sleep
The room they are working on is a beautiful new massage room. Mum said it will be so much easier to have people coming into her new room. I don’t know about that, the B&B rooms where she does all her massages now are really nice. What would I know about where massages are easier, I am a dog. She does give good massages, I just don’t get one often enough. And no, I don’t get my massage in the B&B rooms; I get mine on the verandah. That’s me in the photo, if I lay outside the massage room maybe I will get a massage.

Paws crossed!

I better go, I need to slink away and hide so I get locked inside again. It was so warm by the fire. I may be very brave and ask for a bath tomorrow. I want to look my best for our new guests coming. Bath! Scrub that, I am adorable as I am. It isn’t too late to come and stay and or book in for a massage. Don’t worry about the cold, the massage room today was full of sunlight and out front it was lovely and warm. 30 degrees..where else but Queensland.


Looked very inviting yesterday afternoon.

Wow, wasn’t it hot here in Alberton, but probably better then what the poor people up North Queensland copped. I can’t imagine having to leave my verandah but I suppose I would have to if I wanted shelter from big strong winds. We all hope our friends up there are O.K., especially Ian and Adele and the kids who were smack bang in the middle of Cyclone Ita.

Our week wasn’t so tough. I had a little nap in the cool breeze on the verandah followed by some snacks and then another little nap. That was me; whilst I was supervising/napping they planted yet more plants. One of them a Queensland Bottle tree, it will be lovely when it gets a bit bigger. Then when it was way too hot they decided to clean out “the wool shed”. Not sure why it’s called ‘the wool shed’, can’t be because they aren’t putting wool in it because I know, as I know everything, it is similar to ‘the old beech shack’. Already music coming from there has interrupted my naps.

When some B&B guests from way back visited they told them they were responsible for ‘the out station’. They wanted to get married here but we had nowhere dry. Now we have. You don’t have to get married here to enjoy ‘the out station’, just come and stay in one of our many lovely rooms and wander over to ‘the out station’ and join a camp oven with dads awesome dampers or simply bring a snag and fire up the bbq and boil the billy. Kick back in ‘the old beech shack’ or ‘the wool shed’ and enjoy country life.

Keeping you guys up to date is exhausting, I hope you appreciate it. SHE is still nagging to have her say. Mum tells her ‘later’ and every chance I get, I tell her it ain‘t ever going to happen. Bye for now, hope to see you soon. I may share my verandah.

At a reasonable time this morning a blanket of fog settled over Alberton. As most of Alberton is in a valley it hung around well after the sun was up. It makes the morning walks down to the fishing spots very interesting as you never know what wildlife is going to be in front of you at any given time.

Hi everyone.

See..told you I was handsome. My ear is nearly all better; hopefully they will stop fussing over me now. Not only am I handsome, I am smart. Because I am so photogenic I beat HER to writing a note. SHE, Logan, has been nagging me and mum and dad to have her say but as I tell HER, when you have the best, stay with the best.
On our webpage it is much better as it is in my name, as it should be. Have you been there, to check me out? Not that it is much different as it is too exhausting to write two things. Or I should say dictate, Dogs can’t write silly!

So you want to know about my week, it was exhausting watching mum and dad work. I picked prime position on the front verandah to watch but had to keep having little naps. They are building the camp oven area so you can come and sit around a fire. Would have thought it was a bit hot for that but what would I know. You should come and see ‘The Old Beech House’; even from the verandah it looks good. It is so you can sit in it to get away from the heat. Yet they’re making a fire area. I just don’t get it. No doubt you won’t get to see more gorgeous photos of me soon when they put up photos of your new camp fire area. I can handle that, as long as SHE doesn’t get her photo up!

You know what else they have been doing, planting plants. And lots of them. Natives and fruit trees and all sorts. Which is great, it will drive HER nuts. They will bring even more birds and she will have to run even harder to play with them. Silly Logan, she should know they can fly away. And lots of the trees are nowhere near her. Mum and Dad do stop occasionally and join me on the verandah for a coffee and if I am lucky they sneak me a biscuit.

Speaking of snacks, when are you guys coming back? I miss my toast and sometimes a little extra. Are you coming at Easter? Because apparently you need to book soon, otherwise wotif customers will get in first. We get lots of overseas visitors and as one would expect, they love me. Some want to take me home. But I don’t think I would like to go on an aeroplane, unless I get to sleep on them. Perhaps I could give them Logan………….


Thanks so much for the rain. There is still none in the dam which is sad, I love diving in there after the ball. I especially love showing off how good I am at swimming.

Much better than HER, Logan, but then she is a girl, of course I am better. Mum said to ask where the flowers, chocolate and rum are. I don’t know why she wants flowers when there are so many in the gardens. The gardens look good, it is just the grass that doesn’t. Silly Logan gets into trouble all the time for running up and down and wearing a track. She is so immature; she really needs to take some lessons from me. Why do today what can be done tomorrow.

Did I mention how gorgeous I am looking, my ear is so much better. I will have to pretend it is sore so they keep yelling at HER when she comes near me and wants to play. Play! Who does that! She needs to see someone, she needs help.

This sore ear stuff really works, I get treats and I even get massages. My mum loves me so much. Much more than HER. I hope.


I have been at Albert River B&B a few times over the last few weeks having coffee and talking about what information should go on the new website and how to setup some new photos. Sue and Murray say they like it exactly the way it is and comments like “It is our paradise as it is so why should we change it?” and “We don’t want to false advertise by making it look like any other place”.

During my visits I was surprised by rabbits running across the road right near the driveway. These rabbits are not running away but going from one side to the other to get different grass. They do not seem afraid that a car is coming at them, they just move as they see fit. The thirty odd geese at Albert River B&B are the same. They spend most of the day foraging and then walk in a single line across the road to the neighbours for an hour or two. Then they walk back. The wallabies are a law on to themselves and move through the area as they want.

The sunrise comes early bringing all sorts of birdlife. The sunsets are something everyone has to see. The night sky is full of stars even though this place is 30 minutes from Surfers Paradise and about the same from Brisbane. You might as well be in a secluded valley in the nearby Hinterlands.

The roads leading to Albert River B&B takes five or so minutes from the main highway to travel, so there is no major slog to get here. You go from 110Klm an hour to beer, wine and relaxation in maybe seven minutes once you take the turnoff.

Now I have a question for you. What would you say is the reason you enjoyed your stay at Albert River B&B? What do you remember about it? What did you say to friends and family about your time? Sue and Murray want to tell people about their Paradise. They would rather have words from visitors rather than a marketing guy. Leave a comment here or on Facebook and help them out. It will make my job easier too.


Oops, that is my mums request, really just a forbidden biscuit would do. And a prayer to make my ear better so they would stop fussing over me. In fact if they would just keep that pesky Logan away from me I probably wouldn’t have had a sore ear in the first place.

What were they thinking making me share my home with HER. I am middle aged; I just want to lie around. HER…..Logan….she wants to play, all the time. Who in their right mind wants to play when one can sleep? SHE really needs to learn about the better things in life. Like I said, sleeping. There are so many cool spots to lay one’s head. And of course there is eating, if I put on my appropriate sad face we have so many lovely humans that come to stay and they love to give me yummy things. They love me more than that Logan; she is too busy playing with birds and butterflies to get lovely pats.

I suppose I will have to play with HER, just as soon as I finish my nap.

Thanks in advance

Albert the Dog.

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