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Some visitors came and said hello yesterday.


I liked them as they spoke to me and it was not a bark. The dogs are normally noisy.


Looked very inviting yesterday afternoon.


Thanks so much for the rain. There is still none in the dam which is sad, I love diving in there after the ball. I especially love showing off how good I am at swimming.

Much better than HER, Logan, but then she is a girl, of course I am better. Mum said to ask where the flowers, chocolate and rum are. I don’t know why she wants flowers when there are so many in the gardens. The gardens look good, it is just the grass that doesn’t. Silly Logan gets into trouble all the time for running up and down and wearing a track. She is so immature; she really needs to take some lessons from me. Why do today what can be done tomorrow.

Did I mention how gorgeous I am looking, my ear is so much better. I will have to pretend it is sore so they keep yelling at HER when she comes near me and wants to play. Play! Who does that! She needs to see someone, she needs help.

This sore ear stuff really works, I get treats and I even get massages. My mum loves me so much. Much more than HER. I hope.


Oops, that is my mums request, really just a forbidden biscuit would do. And a prayer to make my ear better so they would stop fussing over me. In fact if they would just keep that pesky Logan away from me I probably wouldn’t have had a sore ear in the first place.

What were they thinking making me share my home with HER. I am middle aged; I just want to lie around. HER…..Logan….she wants to play, all the time. Who in their right mind wants to play when one can sleep? SHE really needs to learn about the better things in life. Like I said, sleeping. There are so many cool spots to lay one’s head. And of course there is eating, if I put on my appropriate sad face we have so many lovely humans that come to stay and they love to give me yummy things. They love me more than that Logan; she is too busy playing with birds and butterflies to get lovely pats.

I suppose I will have to play with HER, just as soon as I finish my nap.

Thanks in advance

Albert the Dog.

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