Wow, wasn’t it hot here in Alberton, but probably better then what the poor people up North Queensland copped. I can’t imagine having to leave my verandah but I suppose I would have to if I wanted shelter from big strong winds. We all hope our friends up there are O.K., especially Ian and Adele and the kids who were smack bang in the middle of Cyclone Ita.

Our week wasn’t so tough. I had a little nap in the cool breeze on the verandah followed by some snacks and then another little nap. That was me; whilst I was supervising/napping they planted yet more plants. One of them a Queensland Bottle tree, it will be lovely when it gets a bit bigger. Then when it was way too hot they decided to clean out “the wool shed”. Not sure why it’s called ‘the wool shed’, can’t be because they aren’t putting wool in it because I know, as I know everything, it is similar to ‘the old beech shack’. Already music coming from there has interrupted my naps.

When some B&B guests from way back visited they told them they were responsible for ‘the out station’. They wanted to get married here but we had nowhere dry. Now we have. You don’t have to get married here to enjoy ‘the out station’, just come and stay in one of our many lovely rooms and wander over to ‘the out station’ and join a camp oven with dads awesome dampers or simply bring a snag and fire up the bbq and boil the billy. Kick back in ‘the old beech shack’ or ‘the wool shed’ and enjoy country life.

Keeping you guys up to date is exhausting, I hope you appreciate it. SHE is still nagging to have her say. Mum tells her ‘later’ and every chance I get, I tell her it ain‘t ever going to happen. Bye for now, hope to see you soon. I may share my verandah.

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