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Our boat Serenity is only weeks away from going back into the water after way too many years being out. She is an old girl but once in the water she is great.

Over the years we have fished off the pontoon and we have put the tender in to go for the bream. We can’t wait to be back on the water and who cares if we catch fish!

Instead of just bringing your car next time, bring your boat. You can be in Moreton Bay in no time at all. As much as I love going out on the water if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love your room and hot shower when you get back late. Yes, we have lights we can turn on at the boat ramp if you are late.

Pack your fishing rod and we’ll see you soon. Or your paint brush and get here sooner to help!

The rains came! I really wanted to tell you about so much more, like what has happened here and about HER. Mum said I am only allowed to pass on that we have had awesome rain. Mums words, not mine. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, the stuff coming out of sky is used in my bath. I hide whenever that is mentioned. SHE, Logan, is going for a drive in the car tomorrow. I am very jealous. Mum just yelled at me to tell everyone we had nearly 100mm, I guess that’s good. Bye for now. I will try and sneak on later.
Before and After Rain

We have had a busy couple of weeks since Albert confessed to being a chocaholic. Our guests have come from far and near. From Mackay in the north to Narrabri in the south. Not forgetting Beenleigh in the west. Coolum and Yamba are also within that line up.

If you are wondering why from Beenleigh, we don’t always have guests on holidays. Sometimes they just want to have a change of scenery and enjoy the whole experience including a massage or two and throw a line in the river. So I suppose it is a holiday, even if it is only a day. Bob, his other half and their friends that met here even had a candlelit dinner. I also believe they had lamb shanks. That were cooked to perfection by the time the electricity went off. Unlike our roast, fortunately we have a wood stove so it was a quick reshuffle, more wood and we too were able to eat by candlelight.

We also have many business people who work in the area at irregular intervals. Even ones moving to the area find it is a good way to learn their way around before signing a lengthy lease. I think the point I am making, is have a good look at our website to see what we do have to offer. I forget all we have and what people like. Like the electric blankets! Sorry guys, I really should have told you upon arrival rather than the next day. Here I was, not liking the fact that you can see the chord. Obviously it is only me seeing it. Speaking of seeing and not liking, I have to change the ‘B’ in the ‘BUS’. I am open to someone, anyone, telling me it is OK! That’s a story for another day for those that don’t know what I am talking about. Albert is nagging to fill you in, so no doubt he will throw in his two bobs worth soon.

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