WE’RE BACK!!! So are the kangaroos.
More improvements are underway and planned for the not so distant future. It has been a tumultuous 12 months which required temporary closures. Thank you for your support and understanding.

FUN things! We are in the process of adding to our ‘out station’, for those not familiar this is where the fun happens. Murray makes awesome dampers. Camp ovens get filled and cooked on the coals, wonderful aromas fill the air. Records, yes those vinyl things, get put on the player and music floats across the paddock. Marshmallows get lightly toasted, roasted or disintegrated on the fire. The odd one or two alcoholic beverages may get consumed. Dancing and singing usually follows. Parties have happened, surprise ones even. Where are you Luke and Marie? The river awaits you and your kayaks!

The ‘out station’ consists of ‘the old beech shack’ and the ‘camp kitchen’ and the ‘wool shed’, so far! Another building is under construction, most likely it will be called ‘the watering hole’. And of course the very original ‘spit’ is the centre of the ‘out station’. Anyone staying is welcome to mosey on over and have a gander. We have heaps of firewood all chopped and ready for you to light a fire. Boil up the billy and have a cuppa. The ‘swinging’ BBQ is there for you to throw on a snag or steak. Or perhaps a fish you have caught off the pontoon could be placed in the coals.

Not so fun things. They are for me, I enjoy building. Sometime soon we will be replacing the ramp to your rooms. We won’t be closing down, we will do a section at a time so you still have access. It won’t be happening before Easter. Please note I didn’t say which Easter.

Don’t forget we have our boatramp if you want to bring your boat, avoid the queues at the public boat ramp. We still have availabilities for Easter.
Hope to see you soon.

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